Is there a place that will copy a bunch of CDs for me for a fee?

Is there somewhere I can go, hand them a stack of 10 CDs, and ask them for five copies of each?

If so, how much can I expect to spend?


Are we talking about your own, personal media or commercially-produced and copyrighted material?

It’s my family’s photo album. My wife would like to send copies of the entire thing to several of our relatives for security.

That’s part of what I’m worried about, by the way–maybe no place will do this because they’ll be afraid that somewhere in all the photos is copyrighted material.


CD burners are cheap. Is there a reason you can’t do this yourself?

Kinkos wil do it.

You’re local Officemax/OfficeDepot type store should be able to do it for you. You probably are looking to spend probably 50 cents or so a CD.

ETA: Something like Kinkos would probably also do it for you.

No, there no reason I can’t do it my self.

I don’t wanna do it myself.

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Ah, laziness. This I understand. :wink:

Alternatively, find some neighborhood kid who has a CD burner and wants to make a little extra money.