Is there a reason/trend going on that record companies/rights holders are turning off comments on youtube?

im seeing this more and more and I’m wondering if it’s a YT reason or something going on I don’t know about.?

At first, I noticed some of the artists doing it and I was ok I can see that but its happening more and more even on official releases …

I would expect they don’t want to take time to monitor the comments. Spamming/scamming and assholes ruin it for the rest of us.

yeah ive noticed certain porn spam being presented as a playlist on Spanish …

I, easily, report half a dozen p0rnbots every day.
And I’ve started to notice entire comment and replies that are nothing other than crypto scams.

I still amazed that anybody allows comments on their channels given the immense amount of spam and scams.

Music vids sometimes get a lot more views than most others and so the creepizoids have to be really targeting them.

@Mangetout (Atomic Shrimp)has several videos about his dealings with comment spammers. TAOFLEDERMAUS and Forgotten Weapons have put out videos warning about the free gun giveaways in their comments.

Comments are a cesspool.

All of those channels called <Artist Name>+“topic” are posted by a bot, with no human intervention. There’s nobody there who’s going to be policing the comment section.

Yep, spam, scams (including scammers impersonating me), haters, trolls, confidently-incorrect corrections, false accusations of plagiarism, etc, and the comments on my channel are probably amongst the tamest and most pleasantly nice on the platform overall. Still there are times I am tempted to just turn them off. (I don’t because the good parts are very good).

Oh, the other thing is that YouTube ‘for kids’ videos don’t support comments.

And of course, they also likely don’t want any sort of negative comments, but the spam is the best and supportable reason.