Is there a single artistic endeavor whose name ends with "project" that doesn't totally suck?

I swear, every time I hear about something called the “_________ Project” or the “____ ____ Project,” it’s the worst, most pretentious crap on the planet. Please, can someone offer a single counterexample?

I’ve noticed this too.

I guess if I had to offer a counterpoint I’d say The Octopus Project is pretty good. I like the song Elq Milq, minus the first 5 seconds of raucous noise.

The Alan Parsons Project was pretty cool.

That’s what I was going to say. “Don’t Answer Me” was a pretty good song.

The October Project is very good if you like dream-pop female vocals.

Another vote for the Alan Parsons Project. They had quite a few very good albums.

That’s what I clicked the thread to contribute. I guess it is the exception that proves the rule.

The Octopus Project is fantastic. They are one of the few bands I will pay to see pretty much any chance I get. And being based here in Austin, I get to see them a lot. My favorite song is “The Adjustor”:

Another Alan Parsons Project fan … Listening to the remix cd of Tales of Mystery and Imagination right now, it is one of my halloween soundtrack favorites.

I know that “The Blair witch project” was seriously overhyped, but it’s still a decent low-budget scary flick.

Not that anyone else will recognize it (and yes, I’m sure the concept was stolen from the Alan Parsons’ Project – which is the answer to this thread) but the Idan Raichel Project is actually very good… if you’re into Israeli music :smiley:

Also, that plan Dr. Evil had to blow up the White House with a laser was pretty damn nifty. It almost got him a gazillion bazillion dollars.

Another one for The Octopus Project. My favourite track at the moment is Ghost Moves.

Another vote for both Alan Parson Project and for October Project.

The Blues Project was a pretty good group of musicians. Not many remember this outfit.

Just for context, can the OP list some of the “projects” he or she originally had in mind, that do suck?

Project Runway has had a good few years.

Judy Chicago’s Holocaust Project didn’t suck (but it wasn’t as powerful as her Dinner Party.)

Who put out an incredible album, Projections, in 1966 that is an absolute must-have for anyone who is seriously interested in late-60s blues-rock. (They had a couple other really good albums too, but that one was a landmark.)

the Manhattan Project?