Is There A Software Program That Does This?

I’m guessing there is, but I’ve not heard of it Some time ago someone posted a link to an animated version of the famous “bullet dodge” scene in The Matrix. The animation was done using alphanumeric characters that moved and changed shading to show the figures, spaces, etc. Of course, it’s entirely possible that someone did all of it by hand, as it were, as I’ve seen paintings that were done in a similar style, but good, lord, to do an animated scene like that “by hand” (as it were) would take ages!

So is there a program that does it automatically, or did the person do it by hand?

There are programs that will take the various movie formats (.mov, .divx, .avi, etc.) and convert them to ascii animations. Google for “make ascii movie.”

This seems to be the most popular.

Wow, I post a question and less than 10 minutes later you show up with the answer, that’s gotta be some kind of record. Thanks!

For a really twisted application of this sort of thing (this one uses aalib), see here.

IMHO, it would have been much cooler if they had done it in the katakana symbols that scroll down the screen in the matrix. Are there any ascii art generators for other charecter sets? Although I guess it would be called unicode art.