Is there a table comparing conviction rates for rape around the world?

In Ireland, apparently only 7% of rape claims end in conviction,

What is the rate in other countries?
Is there a handy table?

this is your second or third international rape thread this week. Planning a little tourism?

Just kidding…

2nd, thank you very much.

And no international rape for me.

Or even just one or two countries - I want to find out if Ireland is particularly low.

Sometimes the best questions are asked by telling the teeming millions the reason behind your request. As LSLGuy flippantly mentioned its kinda a creepy sounding question without some context.

:confused: How is it creepy?

It just came out that out of every 100 rapes reported to the Gardai in Ireland, only seven result in conviction.
If you assume that most rapes aren’t reported, as asserted by the Rape Crisis Centre, then that means that if you rape someone your chances of getting caught could be lower than 3.5%.
Thats pretty low.

I want to know if this is typical, due to the nature of the crime, or if Ireland is particularly low.

I don’t see the creepy factor.

You do need to be cautious in comparing different jurisdictions’ definitions of particular crimes. It wasn’t in regard to conviction rates, but once I got into a discussion over some figures that purported to show there were fewer rapes per capita in the US than in Canada. The hitch? In Canada there is no crime called “rape,” but rather “sexual assault,” the definition of which is broader than that of “rape” in US jurisdictions, so that the figures were not comparable.