Is there a technical name for this kind of paint flaking?

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You see it all the time on abandoned buildings: the paint is hardened and peeling off in big palmsized and larger clumps. Is there a specific name for this other than just peeling or flaking?

Not really. That pattern is sometimes called crazing or crackling. In some cases it’s because of poor surface preparation. If the underlying stucco hasn’t dried out or cured sufficiently before paint application, or metal isn’t properly treated/primed, the paint will eventually blister and peel off.

Yes, the pattern is called crazing, but that’s usually used for paint that forms that pattern in the process of drying, and may not affect the stability of the coat. In this case it’s just deteriorating paint. However there may be a some specific term for this used during appraisals and estimates.


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In the case of concrete surfaces, the peeling can be caused by efflorescence, which is where water intrudes, dries and leaves behind the salts, which in turn cause the paint to delaminate from the surface.