Is there a term for a dog's "play" biting?

Is there a term for when a dog is in “play” mode where he play-bites you? Something more specific than “play”, which could mean chasing a ball and other things?

I’ve always heard it referred to as “mouthing.”

That said, I strongly suggest you sternly discourage this behavior. It’s cute when they’re puppies, but as adults, they may accidently hurt someone.

You can even break this habit in an adult. When your dog does it, immediately break off playing with him, put your hands around his muzzle, and press gently, saying “No bite!” in a firm voice. If you always stop playing when he nips you, he’ll soon learn that doing so ruins the fun, and will stop.

Thanks Lissa!

The dog in question is a Pomeranian who very rarely does it anymore, and probably couldn’t hurt a kitten when he does.