Is there a term for this sensation experienced while driving?

Someone told me there was a term for this phenomenon but was unable to tell me what the alleged term was. I’m talking about when you drive at a fairly fast speed say 75 mph for a while and then you make a complete stop and start driving again at say 50 mph. Of course 50 is going to feel much slower in comparison to 75 but 50 is still fairly fast, but now all of a sudden 50mph feels like you are just barely moving. Is there a name for this?

Reminds me of that x files episode

If you’re driving 50 mph on the same road on which you were just driving 75 mph, then 50 mph is just barely moving, and GET OUT OF THE @##%ING WAY, CAN’T YOU SEE I’M LATE FOR WORK HERE?!?!? :smiley:

I’ve heard it described as “velocitization”.

That’s the word I remember from Driver’s Ed.

I was in traffic court once when a lady cited for speeding said she was going too fast because she just got off the highway and hadn’t adjusted to the new speed yet. The judge was not the least little bit impressed.

Arlington–yeah, I see this all the time too. :wink: 50 MPH on the Beltway, in the fast lane. Talking on a cell phone. Makes me wish for a 007 machine gun mounted under the hood.

Here in Sweden we call it speed blindness :slight_smile:

Our minds don’t have a “home base” to compare velocities to, or anything else for that matter, just relative to recent experiece. If you put your hand on a metal plate that’s 50F then onto one that’s 70F the second will feel warm. If you then place it on a plate that’s 90F and back to the 70F it will now feel cool.

Race car drivers experience this quite often. Race around Daytona at 200 mph then pull into the pits with a speed limit of 55. Even those watching the racing can experience this in a different manner. My cousin works for a NASCAR truck team, he was the gas man till a few years ago when he was punted by a truck during a pitstop and landed 30 feet away. He said after watching the trucks race around the track, they seem like they are just putting along when they drive by on pit road. The pit crews are made aware of this evey race. Even from the stands when I have been at races, it seems like the cars are going a lot slower than they actually are on pit road.


Or, perhaps, just plain old relative motion?

I was taught "velocitation "

Weird, I would have thought you’d have a Swedish name for it.