Is there a travel site in which you can search hotels for indoor pools?

The family and I will be driving 1000 miles for the Christmas holiday, and I had to bribe my six year old with the promise that our half-way point hotel would have an indoor swimming pool. I can’t for the life of me find a site where I can specify that option. Any ideas?

On if you click on “more search options” you can select specific amenities. They only have “pool” as a choice, not specifically indoor or outdoor, but at least that will narrow down your choices somewhat.

Well, you can always look at your route, roughly find the halfway point. Pick a hotel chain and do a search then try to find the closest one with your amenities.

Here’s my last itinerary, Michigan to FLorida, overnight in Charlotte NC, Comfort Suites. Two queens, in room kitchenette (room for our cooler, easy to cook up a quick snack) with an indoor pool. Count on a traffic jam the last 2-3 hours of your trip extending your in car misery.

Well - decide where you want to stay using the ‘pool’ criteria specified, check the range of prices and find one to your liking, then call the handful of places that have a pool listed in their amenities that fit your price and ask. In my experience, most Embassy Suites have indoor pools, so that may be a good place to start if that’s in your budget.

I’ve worked in hotels most of my life and I know from experience how outdated a lot of guides can be. So whatever you do always call ahead first. Christmas is a very slow time for most hotels, except in areas like Orlando, so they often will do maintanence at those times and the pool may be closed.