is there a "TV" version of IMDB?

so, is there an equivalent for the Internet Movie Data Base that serves over television shows?

there is an old “sonic the hedgehog” cartoon that i watched when i was six. for private reasons, i need some information on the show.
all i know is that the show has a name like “the adventures of sonic the hedgehog” but it is/was an anime-styled show (as opposed to a pure kids cartoon that still exists with the same name).

i know i could probably find the information i need in a random google trawl, but it would take far too long to go digging through the results. besides, i feel that there probably is a resource like a TV version of the IMDB which would make my search shorter.

so, does anyone know if there is one, and where to find it?

IMDB has listings for most TV shows too…just search for the title of the show

And what about for commercials?

The IMDB covers movies (Theatrical, Television, and DTV), TV series, and, to a certain extent, video games (Mark Hamill’s entry includes the Wing Commander games and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father).

huh. i’ve never used it, i thought it was just for movies. thanks!

For info on “Sonic”, see the IMDB entry at

Depending on your age group, you’ll either be happy or horrified to know that Jaleel “Urkel” White was the voice of Sonic.

Now, what I want to know is is there an IMDB equivalent for popular music? I might start another thread and ask. for music.

And if you’re looking for old cartoon shows, check out

it was sort of a pleasant suprise that he was the guy who did sonic’s voice. he’s a pretty good actor, even if i didn’t like him in “family matters”.
uh… actually, examining the entry you have there, that isn’t the one i liked. the serious one, simply “sonic the hedgehog”. seems strange, dosn’t it? you would think the saturday morning cartoon would’ve appealed more when i was six…

well, i really loved it anyway, and counterpoint; i absolutely HATED the ABC one. i wonder what i would’ve turned out as if i had been exposed to anime then, rather than about five years later…

it says that it reruns rarely on TOONDisney. i think i might search it out…

many, many years ago when the Internet was still becoming popular, there was a site called Ultimate TV or something like that. It might be worth a search. If it’s still around, it’s bound to be the granddaddy of all tv websites. It was absolutely huge then.

Ultimate TV vanished a couple of years ago. It was absorved by a “what’s on tonight” sites, and doesn’t have the links.

A major loss, ranking up with Mirsky. :wink:

oh, now i’m depressed. apperently, the note of “reruns on TOONDisney” was from 2 years ago.

and, since there havn’t been any DVDs of them…

oh well. i guess i might as well look into the comicbook.

hey, some comics have old copies scanned into digital format, so people who don’t want to spend a sh*tload of money for early copies, but want to read them anyway, can read them. anyone know if there’s something like that for the Sonic comic?

or maybe a compiliation?

i guess i should take that as a no.