Is there a way for the Moxi DVR to randomly record shows?

Okay, I guess this is a general question, but certainly don’t mind if it needs to be moved to Cafe Society or somewhere else.

I just got a Moxi DVR through Charter Cable. One of the great features of TiVO that I heard about is that it apparently “learns” your viewing habit and will just randomly record shows it thinks you will like (yes I am anthropomorphizing). Thus you will always have about 40 hours of shows on tap that should generally be of interest to you.

I cannot figure out how to get the Moxi DVR to do this; is there a way?

There’s no way I’ve seen for Moxi to do this. The closest you can get is to do a search by keyword for the actress (Ricci) or subject (ghost) to find a list of shows that match, then manually pick them to record.

Frankly, with the limited amount of disk space on Moxi, you’ll be glad it doesn’t fill up with stuff you’ll never get around to watching anyway. There’s never enough room.

Really? It says that it has 60 hours of non-HDTV recording capacity (we don’t have HDTV).