Is there a way I can find just the eBay sellers in my specific town/city?

Don’t see how I can do this using the eBay seach function, but it would be handy in case anyone is offering anything of interest we could save on the shipping. I know eBay has some more advanced tools that are more in depth than the typical front end stuff. Any way to do this?

Sure you can. Perform a normal search, then at the top of the search results, open the Sort Menu, and select Distance: Nearest First. this will sort the search results by zip code, and put them in order in relation to your own zip code, nearest first. For more info:

Check out this page eBay search by zip code . It used to go by major cities/metro areas across the country, but now it looks like it goes by your zip code. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like it’d give better (closer) results than by region. Hope that helps!

Ooops-I’m a day late and a dollar short-AGAIN. :slight_smile: