Is there a way to block people on LinkedIn?

I keep getting spammed by asshole headhunters, in spite of explicitly not checking “job opportunities” in the “what you may contact me about” thingy. I hate these dickheads.

Hrm … on my LinkedIn, I can just select “I don’t know this person” the one or two times this has happened to me. Is that not working for you? I mean, are you specifically trying that, and you get the same individual, or just someone else from the same company? Maybe in the latter case, you caould send a message to LinkedIn about how their service is less useful to you without a spam block option?

We often get questions like this here on the SDMB. Seems like social networking websites are all evil, and out to get our personal info, and never wanting to let us go. That seems to be a common opinion, and I stay away from Facebook and Myspace because of it. But 'round here, we question all sweeping generalizations – even about evil corporations.

That works for invites, but not for jerks who just send me messages. (I think they are like 2nd or 3rd degree connections so they can send me stuff even though they’re not connected with me.)

I am assuming the headhunters are not connected to you directly. If that’s the case, I believe they are using InMail. You should be able to go to your settings, then contact settings then “I’ll accept only Introductions”.

Then go to Partner InMails and make sure you unclick those sections in case thats how people are getting to you.

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.

Not what the OP is looking for, but I wanted to block an individual person from seeing where I currently work, and found that I am unable to do that. You also can’t block individual people from seeing that you have searched for them, though it won’t show your name, it will show “somebody in marketing from Acme Explosives”; you can, however, block all your searches so nobody will see who you’ve searched for.