Is there a way to detect if the chef has messed with my food?

I was wondering if there would be a way to detect if someone has, for instance, spat on my food. Is there a test I could do on-site or something like that?

Sometimes you can tell by taste. “That burger I just ate tasted like it had a huge lugie in it.”

Yuk! There goes my lunch! :eek:

I guess a forensic analysis would do it.

My father gave me some good advice - “Never send anything back to the kitchen. Eat it or leave it.”

Don’t be the kind of person that makes people want to spit in their food.

What kind of test could inherently distinguish legitimate ingredients from not-so-legitimate ingredients?

If they can tell horse from cow or pig, I guess they can detect human.

Sure, in a large, well equipped lab with plenty of time to work on it. Not by a lay-person “on site”.

It is actually the chef’s job to mess with your food. Otherwise it would be uncooked. I do not think there is going to be any way to distinguish on-site between its having been messed with an a good way and messed with in a bad (but surreptitious) way.

Yes, but I think the OP wants some sort of litmus test that can be done right there at the table to immediately check for fresh saliva. Telling “horse from cow or pig” is done in the lab.

If you cook your own food you’ll be able to tell if it has been messed with or not.

Why are you worried about this?

You could test for saliva by testing for amylase.

But its a common addition to burgers, and breads, to soften the grain. So no good for a burger or bread.
(This chicken burger has amylase in it.

So if you’re a cop, always brown-bag it to work? If you’re a lesbian or bi-racial couple, never eat in a restaurant in Simi Valley? (I live here; I know firsthand).

as a skinny long haired pale beardless guy… That. I plan to eat on some ethnical restaurants and I heard the cook/owner/local drug lord could be a bit against people like me.