Is there a way to find HS/MS teachers...

If you don’t have your yearbook, and don’t remember their full names?

There are a couple of teachers that had major influences on my life, and I’d kind of like to look them up and see what they are doing these days. When I go to my high school/middle school web pages, they don’t have pictures of the teachers, and only have current pictures anyway.

Is there any other way? Some kind of teacher directory? I don’t have a lot of stuff from when I was young; I have some things which I plan to look through to see if I can remember names, but is there any other good way?

Most school libraries keep copies of their old yearbooks. I’d recommend calling up the school librarian, and ask her/him if there’s a convenient time when s/he can pull up the yearbooks from your years, and help you identify the teachers you’re looking for.

The public library often keeps yearbooks, too. On you can browse selected high school yearbooks, too. I saw my aunt’s from 1939, and my uncle’s from 1935.

If that doesn’t pan out, contact the current yearbook adviser for the school. Most have a library of back books, or know how to find whoever does have them.

Umm, your old report cards? (I’ve kept all of mine, very interesting to go thru them from time to time. Don’t know why other people don’t keep them.)

Are any of the school administration (Principal, Asst. Principal) or ANY teachers that you remember still at your school? They could probably help you figure out the full names of any you don’t remember. Then you could use Facebook and/or a people search website to hopefully locate contact information for them.

I can relate to a teacher/educator having a profound impact on your life! My parents divorced when I was a high school freshman and it was a very difficult time for me. The Assistant Librarian at my school noticed that I escaped to the solace of the library every day at lunch and any other time a teacher would let me out of class. She was actually the same age as my mom and a divorced mother of two children who were a bit younger than me. She became my best friend over the next few years and I can’t imagine those years without her!

I kept in touch for my first few years of college, but then we lost touch. We hadn’t seen one another in almost 18 years when I found her on Facebook and sent her a long email two years ago. I thanked her for the difference she made in my life and for being such a good friend to me. For the last two years, we’ve had a standing ‘dinner date’ every three months and I enjoy her company just as much as a 40-year-old as I did as a sad teenager! :smiley:

Your transcript should show class name and year. School system should have employment histories for teachers, to cross-link class and year to teacher assigned to that class.

It’s much simpler just to have to remember…Mom. :wink: (sorry, I know that isn’t helpful to the vast majority of people)

There is probably someone still at the school that was there when you were. I would just call the front desk and say “I am trying to remember the name of so-and-so my fantastic English teacher from 198X, is there anyone there that would remember?” Worst thing they can say is no.

I currently work for a fairly large public library system and have worked for others in the past, and it’s worth noting: if your public library is a fairly large system (say, more than 5-8 branches), it’s likely that you need to start at the main/central branch when looking for school yearbooks. If they have a local history room/department, that’s definitely where to start.

Um, because most people aren’t hoarders?

Anyway, documents can be lost due to fire or flood, or for other reasons. I once had a car towed and (wrongfully) junked. They knew where I lived, but didn’t even attempt to contact me before destroying everything inside the vehicle. I lost yearbooks, a lot of photos, and my saxophone, as well as the vehicle itself.

Some great ideas here, thank you.

I have some of my report cards, etc, but not that many. My mom was a total anti-hoarder and I have some of her traits. I hate clutter and don’t keep unnecessary things. I don’t entirely comprehend why other people do!

Anyway there are lots of ways to find them, so thank you I!

Is there a Facebook page devoted to your school? I’ve found pages for my elementary, middle, and high schools. They aren’t incredibly active, and most of the people who post on them are considerably “after my time”, but people do occasionally pop up to ask about old faculty.