Is there a way to hide my telephone number from showing up on someone's Caller ID?

No, I don’t have any prank calls lined up. I’m just wondering if it is possible to not have my number show up on a caller id machine.

Sometimes, I call somewhere from work and would prefer not to have my work’s name and number come up(especially if I’m calling regarding other employment!).

I thought there was an extension I could dial first, then wait for the dial tone and dial the regular number like normal. Anyone know?

Yes, dial *67 (1167 for rotary phones) then the number you wish to call. There may be a per-call charge associated with this feature. Some phone companies also allow you to subscribe to a feature that always blocks your number, as well.

Well, here you just contact the phone company (Telstra) and request that your number not be displayed. But it’s not a blanket thing:

Then there are services on the other end that let phone subscribers block any blocked number. It is a case or the dueling features.

You can also use calling cards, well it will show a CID #, but not yours.

You don’t have a cell phone, I take it?

True, but at least with Qwest, I just called them and had my ID blocked. No charge.

Then, sometimes the person I’m calling has the feature you mention, but if you still want to call, you just hit *82, then dial the number again and it bypasses the call blocking you have for that one call. I expect most phone companies have this.

I notice that the OP is in China, which makes most of the US and Australian advice posted here suspect. I have no idea what the situation is in China.