Is there a way to judge the launch energy of a dolphin from its capers?

Thought of it on the fourth viewing of this beautiful, exhilarating gif.

It reminded me of an underwater missile launch failure, and I figured that there are people in the military who do those kind of analyses for a living. Actually I think I mean the total fuel expenditure possible, judging by the flips and rolls.

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The above is a true thought/question, but I also liked alerting people to this clip.

A dolphin has to get up to speed before launching himself. If he weights about 1,000# and leaves the water while going his top speed of 30 mph he would be packing about 30,000# of kinetic energy. I doubt he is going over about 20 mph typicaly. I would usually run my boat around 20 mph and dolphins swimming and jumping along side me were fairly common.

It’s simple, just get the maximum height of its center of gravity, and use gravitational potential energy = mgh.