Is there a way to prevent the Yellowstone Caldera from having a super eruption?

You might want to read up on lava tubes.

Well yes, these are all part and parcel of my question.

While you’re at it, find a way to do a controlled release along the San Andreas Fault in California, so West Coasters don’t need to live in continual fear about the eventual “Big One.”

Really, though…If it ain’t the eventual eruption in Yellowstone, or the eventual earthquake in California, or the floods or the tornadoes or the hurricanes, or the asteroids/comets/meteors, or the nuclear weapon attacks from Iran/Korea, or the dirty bombs from terrorists, or the Killer Bees, or the flesh eating bacteria, or Ebola, or SARS, or…

Just live your life. Really.

I seriously doubt it… :slight_smile:

You haven’t visited Yellowstone, have you?

Better figure this out soon if we’re gonna. This map suggests lava or ashfall would wipe out all or part of 23 states. Total population in this area = ± 72 million.

Tens of millions could not possibly get away and would be cooked alive like peas in a stew. For the rest - coast to coast, border to border and then some - unimaginable chaos, followed by years of nuclear winter and near-total starvation.

Given that they’re almost all “red states,” I think it would be kind of ironic for them to be obliterated by God’s wrath.

Only a dozen times or so.

They’d be the lucky ones. It would be rapture by fire.

More like purification by fire, from St Paul’s lesson in 1 Corinthians 3:12-13.

It is a question of whether over a period of time people could draw off enough thermal energy to stop an eruption. Assume no environmental laws, and then cover the area with thousands of geothermal generating plants tapping heat at record depths. Figure out how much thermal energy in yettawatts a super-eruption gives off, add that too how much is regularly rising to the surface, and then take the difference from the geo-thermal power generated over a period of decades, centuries, millenia, etc. Viola!

Course the free market solution is to let the invisible hand deal with it.

The invisible hand says you should sell insurance for an event unlikely to happen in your lifetime and which would likely kill everyone who might ever try to collect. Thus you can realize near 100% profit on your efforts.

I think it’s more along the line of “Theoretically possible, provided someone can come up with a theory that would make this possible.”

Mormons, Texans, Idaho survivalists, flaky Californians… I think we should be encouraging the eruption. I see no downsides here. It’s going to be tough to find corn and other grains, but Milwaukee is still there so at least we can put those we find to good use making beer.

I hear Reddit is an aggregator.

Why do you guys want to drill at it? :eek:

I say we bury it. Pile up a whole bunch of dirt on it so it can’t erupt. I admit, the weight of all of that dirt does make me a little bit nervous. But what the heck… I say we pile it on. Once we have an artificial mountain range sitting on top of it, it will never erupt.

Thankfully, the damage seems to avoid Canada.

Looks like I’ll have just enough time to pack a few things and get out.

How deep is the crust there? Can it be measured using the relative densities of the crust and magma, or are they similar at that depth? I’m sure I’ve seen measurements before of the crust, at various points on land and under the oceans. We could compare that in Yellowstone and all flee down to Paraguay when that it starts getting smaller.

Pshaw. All you need is a basketball sized bomb made out of a gourd and coconut stuff.

And the Professor. He can make anything out of coconut stuff.

And the Third Man. You do have to put the Lime in the coconut! :smiley: