Is there a way to publish an iTunes playlist to a web site?


I use iTunes to manage audio recordings that I make of voicemails. So, just to be clear, there are no copyright restrictions - these aren’t commercial songs. What I’d like to do is easily share these recordings with others. Is there an easy way to

  1. Publish all the tracks from a playlist to a web site? I have lots of web hosting space. Bonus question: If I do upload the MP3’s, is there some handy server-side software that I can install that will let people play them right from the web site?

  2. Is there some way I can make the recordings available via the iTunes store for free? I don’t want people to have to pay for them.

Thanks in advance!

If there is no issue with copyright, you can create a podcast for the tunes. You need to store the MP3s elsewhere, but you can publish the list of tunes on iTunes, and iTunes will play them and download them.


Depending on how sophisticated you needed it to be, you could probably use Automator and AppleScript to automatically upload all the songs in your playlist to your webspace.