Is there a way to quell this card-playing helper?

There’s a card game rather similar to bridge that I played a lot in Ohio years ago, and now in Texas, several friends have taken to it and we’re having fun with it. I’m all for being helpful while people are learning, and answering any questions anyone has at any time. Problem is, one of these first learners has taken it upon herself to ‘help’ everyone else, which involves looking at a person’s hand and telling them all the ins and outs about what might happen in the bidding and in the taking of tricks, what to do if such and such happens (not always correct advice), etc. The rest of us have to sit and wait through all this and it seems to take forever, and no one gets to learn by doing. This is still happening after four to six weeks of playing once or twice weekly.

I’ve tried to get across to her the idea of card-playing etiquette but she says she’s only helping and the others like it. I hate to lose my card-playing enjoyment because of this and I hesitate to try to instigate a protest among this group of friends.

I don’t understand why this is so infuriating to me.

I guess the only solution is for me to leave if she’s playing, right?

Is it forty-fives?

I think it’s a house rules thing. If they play at your place, you should tell her to keep quiet and play on or leave.

No, the game’s 500. And it’s at a local social center.

7 no trump!

Sorry, I have no advice for you, but needed to get that off my chest.

No, she’d be shot by now if it was…

Suggest a friendly wager on the game, maybe a soda or a quarter or something. Then she is obliged to keep her mouth shut.