Is there a way to remove glitter nail polish that doesn't involve using a f-ing sander?

Pros of glitter nail polish:
[li]Can apply hastily and it will still look good.[/li][li]Chipping less noticeable.[/li][li]Sparkles.[/li][/ul]

[li]Its removal necessitates the use of power tools and/or explosives.[/li][/ul]

Google says if I soak the nail in polish remover for a few minutes, it should be easier to remove. These are lies.
Thank you.

Are you using real acetone to remove it? Or the acetone-free kind of remover?

Yes, I’m betting you’re using a non-acetone remover, which is less effective all-around, and is really only useful if you’ve got artificial nails. Go get yourself some of the full-strength stuff.

OMG yes I can’t believe I never thought to ask about this! LOL

I never paint my nails but I would do sparkle every day if I could manage to get it off when I’m done with it. I got some neato stuff a few weeks ago and slapped it on the fingers and ended up leaving it until it was tiny spots and the rest chipped off, because I couldn’t be bothered to wipe it off. Good question!!

Glad to hear the “use real acetone” tip, though I’ve also heard a “never use real acetone” tip in relation to keeping fingernails strong.

My tip is to use a LOT of it. Use a cotton pad and completely saturate the mofo.

The Foil Method – this really works. You don’t have to leave it on there for 5-8 minutes as directed, either – more like 3-5. (Although I never use a top coat.)

I find these Cutex pads to work pretty well with glitter polish.

they’re slightly abrasive, so I put one on my toenail and rub, rub, rub, until the polish softens and the pad gets through it. I then go over the edges with regular polish remover.

They lie, BTW, about one pad doing all 10 nails. Though maybe with non-glitter polish it would work.

According to the internet, there’s acetone.

Ingredients: Acetone , Water , Propylene Carbonate , Dimethyl Glutarate , Dimethyl Succinate , Dimethyl Adipate , Glycerin , Gelatin , Fragrance , Benzophenone 1 , Propylene Glycol , Denatonium Benzoate , D&C Red 33 , Ext. D&C Violet No. 2.

I don’t know whether it’s bad for the nails, but it is great for dissolving paints and such.

Along with the foil method, there’s also a method that uses cotton balls (or pads or what have you; some ladies use cheap felt instead as it doesn’t allow the remover/acetone to evaporate so quickly) along with those rubber fingertip things you can get at office supply stores or in the office supplies aisle. Soak your pad in acetone/remover, put it on the nail, pop the rubber fingertip over the whole deal and let it work for 5ish minutes. It’s called the “Reesa method” on the nailboard; maybe give it a search for more details.

Yes, pure acetone works the best, but it’s also very drying. Removers that add a little glycerin to their mixture are less drying (but not as efficient at removal). Moisturize well afterwards - some people use cuticle oils or even plain olive or coconut oil.

I’ll try the foil method because that doesn’t involve buying anything. If this doesn’t work (and it’d better work considering what a pain in the ass it looks like), I’ll buy some Cutex pads. Every single time I attempt to remove the polish, I get some of the way through, grow tired, then just paint over it with another coat of glitter. To hell with it. Hopefully I’ve found a way to escape.

I usually soak the cotton ball in remover and let it sit on the nail for a while, but even that still takes forever. I’m ready to try real acetone next time I use glitter. I like it, but rarely use it for that reason.

Acetone also comes in different strengths. My local drug store has an acetone remover, but not the strongest on the market – for that, I go to Sally’s. You really need to ask the clerk to make sure you are getting the most acetone you can buy.

Yeah, it’s not great for nail strength, but I like to have some around to use strategically for tough polish. It will also remove gel manicures (with A LOT of soaking).

Lowe’s or Home Depot will have 100% pure acetone by the quart, for cheap. It evaporates cleanly and biodegrades pretty quickly, fairly safe stuff overall.
There is a fire hazard, read the label and follow precautions. But if it’s safe enough for the general public, y’all can handle it.

Not that it will help now, but for future use I’ve found that if I put a coat of regular polish (clear or color) under the glitter polish it’s easier to remove later.

Foil Method using Acetone will take care of business.

If it helps a grinder wheel on a power drill can pretty much grind just about anything off any surface.

Great for acne too.

Hmm, I might actually do this just because. Most of the reason I use the polish I do is because it’s clear with glitter in it, which makes it barely noticeable when it chips at the edges. I figured if I put color underneath, that wouldn’t be the case, but if a base of color will actually make it easier to remove, then no worries. I just didn’t want to be stuck with chipping nail polish that was impossible to take off.

I’ll make note of this.

You can also use Elmer’s glue as a base coat. It takes longer to dry, but it’ll peel right off in one sheet.