Is there a Web Site that shows the restaurants and reviews in a specific area of town?

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I’ve seen tv ads for either a smart phone or GPS?? That says it can tell you all the restaurants in that area. I think they even said there were reviews.

I don’t have a Smart Phone or a GPS, but I do own a laptop and DSL. They must be getting this information from the internet. Are there web sites I can use to get this info before leaving the house?

I live in a big ass city that’s spread out over 25 miles. There’s many areas of the city I visit, that I don’t know the restaurants. I get sick of settling for McDonalds. is great for this.

yeah, Yelp is great, and depending on where you live Urban Spoon might be good too.

Seconded. Yelp can be set by city or zip code, in addition to cuisine and cost.

Heading to Yelp right now! Then I’ll check out Urban Spoon.
My stomach thanks you. :smiley:

Both those sites have some very good suggestions.

I sometimes use google maps because they list major business and restaurants on the map. Helps a lot if you’re visiting a specific street, to know a restaurant is only two streets away. But there’s no reviews for it on Google maps.

ChowHound and eGullet are message boards with specific forums on major cities…

I use Google maps. They’ll show you the restaurants and have some reviews. They also link in company websites, Urban Spoon, and Yelp.