Is there a word for online cadence/delivery/voice/tone

This is going to be difficult to explain/ask clearly I believe. You know in real life how different people speak with different sorts of cadence? A stereotypical example is the young teenage female speaks quickly, raising her tone at the ends of sentences.

Some people seem to creep me out just with the way they speak sometimes, even if they don’t have a creepy tone or say odd things. My current landlord is an example of a guy with this “odd cadence”. He doesn’t speak in that creepy fashion, he just has a slow, and deliberate delivery, while remaining slightly monotonic. But once you get to know the guy you learn he’s very non-creepy. He teaches yoga, plays the guitar, loves music and is a pretty nice person. Like I said, my question will be difficult to explain.

After posting and reading this board enough I’ve developed voices for some posters, I get familiar with their style and can even sometimes hear them. Whether the sound of their voice is actually the same I’ll never know.

Well there is one member here, who I will not mention by name who kinda has this weird creepy cadence for me.

Here, let me draw up this distinction for you. In a recent thread I had a conversation with a guy and I told him that I kinda think he’s creepy, from the subjects of the things he talks about. Not a bad guy I’m sure, it’s just that his realm of sexuality was something that made me uncomfortable and whenever I see him post I instantly associate that with him. A few posts later another member asked for evidence of the creepiness, and that he never knew why this other member had this association. It’s odd because “guy who I said was creepy” has a very familiar, friendly, and casual posting style, so unless you followed the threads he started or the subjects he frequently posts about you’d never know that he was any different than Johnny Q. America.

The other member which made me want to ask this thread’s question though… I find weird for different reasons. He never posts any over-the-top odd stuff, his OP’s are always pretty clean, never participates in anything TMI, and from what I can tell doesn’t have any significant mental problems; it’s just the way he types and writes messages, it gives me that creepy feeling. Maybe he really is the Johnny Q. America one, but just because of the way he types I would never go to his house for dinner alone.

What is that?
(By the way, this OP started in GQ, but by the time I got to the end, no way am I getting a factual answer. Also, if I type like a serial killer please tell me.)

I’ve posted about the voices you hear when you read the comments of some Dopers, so yeah, I get what you’re saying.

Not quite an answer to your question, but related enough to be worth a mention. There’s something known as ‘email disease’, where hurriedly-composed replies often appear angry, threatening, terse or otherwise unpleasant when in fact they were composed in good faith - it’s just the brevity and to-the-point-ness of them that makes them appear other than they are.

FYI the word to properly describe this (vocally) is prosody.