Is there a word for this?

I couldn’t think of a way to get this all in the title, here goes:

Is there a word for the concept demonstrated by the following example? You live in a normally cold weather state, and decide to take a vacation to a warm weather state. The weather in the vacation state is wonderful as normal, but the weather in your normally cold weather state is unseasonably beautiful, such that it is pretty much the same as it is in the warm weather state. You are therefore unhappy on your vacation, even though there is nothing objectively wrong with the weather or otherwise in your vacation state?

I should be clear - this isn’t schadenfreude (which I thought about) - you are not unhappy because the people in your original state are not miserable in the season’s normal bad weather there, it’s more like a waste of money/opportunity issue.

I think “Regretfull” might fill the bill. Maybe “Oh well,…”
I really can’t think of a specific word though.

“Bloody Typical” is the Britishh phraise, and this is often aproblem for British Holiday Makers (though not as frequent as the case where it rains at the holiday destination because Brits are on Holiday there)

Here’s an additional twist to the OP, that actually happened to me. One July, I took a vacation from NYC to Hawaii. Everyone said that it was pointless to go in summer, that I was “wasting” the warm weather, that I should go in winter to escape the cold.

In Hawaii, I enjoyed wonderful weather, in the upper 70s to lower 80s; it was perfect. When I returned to NYC, it turned out that they had had a horrible heat wave, in the upper 90s to 100s. Glad I escaped to “cooler” Hawaii.

Most people would call this “irony,” but I know that’s not the correct term.

So basically what where looking for is a term for “discontent caused by having gone to some effort to obtain something which you could have received for no effort.” Is that correct?

“Loosen Up” is the first thing that comes to mind, but in terms of an actual word to decribe that state, I’d think there would be a Scandanavian, German, or Japanese word for it. Those cultures do well in the finer shades, especially brooding ones.

My parents used to come out from Iowa every winter. They rented and apartment in Long Beach (where else?) and would come up to visit from time to time. They watched the TV weather avidly for signs that people back in Cherokee were in snow up to their armpits. Unfortunately, Iowa had a string of mild winters. In fact on day in January they were snowed in here and it was 55 in Iowa with no snow.

Talk about a ruined winter.

I would refer to this as Murphy’s law of vacations. :slight_smile:

I think that’s pretty close; there is also a component of it that is caused by wasting an opportunity (you can’t take a later vacation when the weather is actually crappy in your home state, because you’ve taken the one now that was not needed).

Buyers remorse? :smiley:

simultaneous-climate-atrocity or simulclimocity. :slight_smile:

Neurotic (re. your wasting nervous energy on a pointless concern); undue fretfulness; anhedonic [or -ia, the noun] (being unable to enjoy onesself or be happy; such a person).

But I love the “buyer’s remorse” post!

I get that it’s a little gloomy, but the question was whether there was a word for the feeling, not to describe the person feeling it. :slight_smile:

“D’oh!” :slight_smile: