Is there a word like Godwinizing for when someone drags 9/11 into an argument?

I vote for “Rove’s Law.” AskNott’s explanation was excellent.

Though clearly Giuliani used 9/11 to his political advantage, I don’t think he used 9/11 to justify every damn thing he wanted to do quite like Rove did.

Though I do like the term Giulianification…perhaps Giulianification could refer to the process by which a man abandons his bad comb-over.

“Boy, that Donald Trump is an ugly mofo, but he’d look a hell of a lot better if he just Giulianified himself.”

At least Rove left one useful part of his legacy. :wink:

(I like “9/11’d the debate”, though. Can that be the Canadian dialect version or something?)

I agree, this would be the correct way. However… everything is different now… since… well, you know.

Anaamification seems easier to say/remember actually. Anaamification and Anaamika’s Law.

(Otherwise, “9/11’ed” or simply “9/11!”.)

Hah, Anaamification would be awesome but I don’t think it’s going to fly. I still think

Rove’s Law

both work, but “bushwhacked” is definitely good in a pinch!

Why do you people hate freedom?

I like it! Or if a man loses his third wife to divorce…and I agree about the political advantage. Plus, it puts the focus on the wrong guy.

How about W’ed?

And one short one.

And a field, don’t forget that.

I like putting Rove’s name on it.

“Yeah, we were having a nice discussion about James Joyce, and then Bill went and Roved up, and I’m all, like, ‘Thank YOU, Captain Buzzkill!’ That fucker has Roved more conversations than anyone I know.”