Is There an App That Tells You When Your Fav Celebs Are Going to Be on Which Talk Shows?

I’m a big fan of Jonah Hill; the only talk shows I regularly watch are Ellen and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. So obviously when Jonah is on either of those shows, I’ll see him. But if he’s on Jimmy Kimmel Live or The View or whatever, I wouldn’t see him, unless I specifically DVR’d the show.

Is there an app that scans the upcoming TV listings to let me know which talk shows my favorite celebrities are going to be on?

The TV Guide app can do that. You register your free account, pick your favorite celebrities or shows / movies, set it to send you alerts, then just check either it or your email each day to see who is doing what. It’s very user friendly and helpful (with lots of suggestions, like Netflix), so I highly recommend it.