Is there an Atheist symbol ?

No, but I’ll bet this one would.

Nah - [symbol]p[/symbol] is irrational :smiley:

On a trip home last year I saw a small round bumper sticker. It was in the form of a black cross with that international “verboten” circle with the angled line going through it. I took it to mean that the driver was atheist.


That’s weird, why are the United Church of Christ, Christian Scientst, and Muslim symbols ‘not shown because of copyrights’? You can copyright a religious symbol???

Geez talk about Christian disunity… never saw this many sects…

its a symbol for a punk band called “Bad Religon”.

How about this?

Well, it’d work for me, except for the fact that I like capitalism. And democracy. And not having to stand in lines for turnips…

Thanks, blork for the clarification, and *WELCOME!{/i]


Maybe you’ll be better at coding than I am! :smiley:

I don’t agree. An atheist believes - i.e. has faith - in something: the non-existance of God.
This as opposed to an agnostic, who won’t commit either way - i.e. has no faith.

[hijack] I’d argue with the definition of an agnostic as one “who won’t commit either way.” I think a better definition is that an agnostic simply doesn’t know whether or not there is a god. In my opinion there is a difference. That said, most people do seem to interpret “agnostic” as wishy-washy – people often respond to an admission of agnostism with, “Oh, haven’t made your mind up, huh?” or something – so I usually call myself an atheist. Although, in the strictest sense I am closer to agnosticism than atheism. [/hijack]

Oh, and I always look around for the atheist symbol at veteran’s cemetaries. I always find one or two – I guess there are atheists in foxholes!

Agnostics have been trying to come up with a symbol for years, but they just can’t seem to decide.

How is it that the Anarchists ever came up with a symbol? Did they vote on it or was it decided by their leader?

How about a red circle containing a cross, a Star of David, and a crescent, all with a diagonal red stripe running over them?

I’ll second the motion for pi

I don’t know about symbols, but I did see an atheist bumper sticker last week. . . It said “Darwin Loves You”. Made me chuckle.

You can have a copyright on a piece of visual art. I don’t know whether a simple symbol would actually qualify. These symbols seem more like logos to me, in which they would not be eligible for copyright protection. Rather they would be protected by trademark law. If that’s the case, then they couldn’t prohibit a Web site from simply showing you what the simple looks like (that falls under the fair use doctrine).

Interesting question, though. I’ll see whether I can look into it further.

I like pi and i like the second one of astro…

trabi: That statement is wrong.
[li]Agnostic: One who believes that we cannot know anything about a deity or deities.[/li][li]Atheist: One who is skeptical of all claims that there is a deity or are deities.[/li][/ul]

No Scientologist. Interesting.

That would be this: