Is there an Atheist symbol ?

So christians have the cross, the fish and other symbols… is there anything the atheists have ever used as their symbol ?

A…blank page?

Atheists, not being a coherent group, have no symbol. Some groups of atheists have symbols, but those groups don’t speak for all atheists and certainly don’t include all atheists.

Atheism isn’t a religion. It’s a skepticism of religious claims. Trying to tie people together simply because of a skepticism of religion would be rather absurd.

“Atheism” describes only what a person **doesn’t **believe, not what he **does **believe. Since there are many atheistic belief systems, there are many atheistic symbols.

hhmm… I like the darwin fish… any others ?

The American Atheists group has made a logo for itself. It’s not a generic logo, though, it’s specific to that group.

Symbols and signs are shortcuts for meaning into the human subconscious that bypass the rational and critical parts of the brain, so they are counterproductive to the atheist, since atheism is an exercise in shedding the mystical in favor of the rational.

Am I the only one who finds it weird that, in the Seasonal Card section of the American Atheist website, you can buy winter solstice cards, one of which includes the “Solstice deities”???


IIRC, the Darwin fish is actually an evolutionist symbol. While most, if not all, atheists are evolutionists, not all religionists are creationists.

Here’s the flag:

at least until somebody designs a good one


I am not quite certain I would agree with that statement… or maybe the symbols you are using (called written words) are just too mystical for me.

Check out the Satanist flag… ugly looking…

I propose pi.

jmonster wrote

Not valid for me, and I propose not valid for most other atheists. Also not factual in a few ways.

Here is the atheist icon. There can be no other.

Here is the symbol that will be used.

She’s not exactly an atheist symbol, but I’d say atheists are alot more fond of her than theists.

Can an atheist symbol repel a vampire?

FWIW, if you’re a US veteran you can have a “belief symbol” on your headstone in a national cemetery. Check this link for a list. There is an atheist symbol that looks to me like the American Atheist’s logo.

If atheists are going to agree on a symbol, I would suggest going for something that DOESN’T look like the symbol of a Star Trek fan club.

What about that “cut out” that the Onion prints every year of the Easter Bunny hanging on the cross?