Is there an "end" to the universe

say you could travel at this amazing speed…hypotheticly…would you reach the end of an end of the universe, or is there an infinity in all directions. But if the infinity theory is true, where did all that nothing come from, and how could it be really endless? now if the thought about an end of the universe was true, would there be some sort of barrier? how can there be a stop to nothing, and if there was, whats past it? nothing? or could the universe be like a map on a videogame- as you reach the end of one side, you start going from the other.

The Universe can be finite and have no end. Think in two dimensions first. The surface of the earth is definitely finite, yet it doesn’t end. You could keep walking in one direction forever and never stop. Yet it is finite. Now try to imagine a similar situation in three dimensions. It’s not easy to picture this “neverending but finite” scenario in 3-d space, hence the 2-d example. Consequently, there’s no reason to think that there needs to be an “end” to a finite universe.

That’s the way it was explained to me, anway.

If there is, it will be brought on by the likes of Britney Spears and Nsync. :smiley: