Is there Any Benefit in Calling? (A Law School Admissions Q)

So I’m STILL waiting on 2 applications in the UC system. These applications were COMPLETED (not submitted, Completed) in November. It’s been a long 5 months and here I am, May 1st, 30 days left on my lease, can’t commit to a summer job (have a cool gig on tap which I will probably have to turn down in the next couple days) because I have no idea if I’m moving cross-country or not, life completely at a standstill waiting on these descisions.

Both schools have online application status checks which I’ve been using daily for the past 30 days, both indicating that my application is “Being Evaluated.” General guidelines suggest that most applicants will hear in April. I guess I am just that special.

Is there any point, at this point, in calling the admissions office? Can any good come of it? Will I just be a pain in the ass to them?

I’m breaking out in rashes all over my arms from the stress. I truly do not know what I will do if the descision process goes beyond May.

UCLA’s law school kept me on the hook till the last minute. I got pushed into second round admissions (i.e., if enough people decline) which was in May and then they put me on the waitlist for Fall semester (that letter got lost in the mail). I finally ended up calling them to see what the deal was because my father wouldn’t let me commit to moving out to Illinois without getting the final word from UCLA.

I don’t think it can hurt. Maybe your letter got lost. I know my waitlist letter from them did.
Good luck with 1L.

Call. It is almost certain you will be talking with administrative people, whose job is to make sure the process runs smoothly and timely, rather than with anyone who actually makes decisions on whom to admit. So my feeling is it can’t hurt.

I say don’t call. I called about my app, and the person with whom I spoke said “At this very moment it’s in the dean’s office-you should be hearing within the next 7-10 days.”
I called 14 days later and spoke with the same person that said “it’s in front of the (whatever) committee-you should be hearing within the next 10 days.”

10 days later, I called and spoke with the same person, who said “At this very moment it’s in front of the (whatever) committee-you should be hearing within the next 7-10 days.”
That was 8 days ago-they’re such minxes when it comes to my career! :smiley:

This isn’t a direct response to your question, but go ahead and commit to that job right now.

I hate to sound uncaring here, but from your own selfish standpoint this is the best possible solution. It’s at-will employment, so if you get a thumbs up from your admissions committe then you can just march over to your boss and give them a two-weeks notice. If you don’t get into law school, do you really want to be sitting there with no job, no plan for the next year, and your rejection letter.

Again, it might screw over your employer, but that’s the best advice I can give you.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. The job is a Summer job only. A full-time position as Riding Director at a residential (sleepaway) summer camp, which I attended as a child and worked at as a teen. I’m afraid that “screwing” this organization which has given me so much over my lifetime is simply not an option.

I realize that my ethical position may be confusing given my plans for my future career ( :wink: ), but committing and then dropping is the ball, leaving them completely unable to staff this position for their season which begins June 9, is one thing I simply will not do.

I have another summer thing semi-lined up – not as cool, probably harder work but it passes the time. As for next year if I don’t receive any acceptances… well, I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.