Is there any chance that these light show lasers can damage vision?

I’m building my sunshade for my bar for Burning Man and I’m going to buy a couple of cheap laser light show devices along with the obligatory disco mirror ball. I was wondering if there is any risk for people if they happen to look into the laser. The laser is theoretically moving all the time, so the “duty cycle” should be small for any point in the room. I understand that there is some maximum power allowed to try to minimize the risk of eye damage. I suppose there’s the possibility (or even probability) of the motor dying and the laser pointing in one direction. I assume there is some sort of beam splitter inside so even if the motor dies, each individual light beam would be a fraction of the total power.

Here’s the first one:

and the second one:

Pretty cool for the price!

I would not recommend shining a laser of any sort at a disco ball. Even if the brief flashes people get aren’t enough to do any significant damage, they’re still going to be uncomfortable.

Mounting it so it just shines on the walls and ceiling, set up in such a way that eyeballs won’t be on the line, should be just fine.