Quoting Cecil: “This evidently is the most efficient way to perpetuate the species, which should be comforting news for all you GUYS trying to romance bimbos in the local bistros.” Cecil–how is “guy” comparable to “bimbo”? Maybe you should say “comforting news for all you DICKS trying to romance bimbos.” I bet Cecil could think up a better word.

LINK: Is there any mammal species in which the males breastfeed the young? - The Straight Dope

I have heard so many people talk about how useless nipples are on men. Somehow this is supposed to disprove evolution. Bottom line is that men determine the sex of the baby and the gene that produces nipples needs to be passed to women.

So does the gene that causes fetal proto-gonads to become ovaries, but men don’t have ovaries.
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  1. I hate to break it to you, but men have nipples too. Search online sometime and you’ll find proof. You yourself are referring to it in your first sentence, so I think you must have mis-spoke.

  2. In very rare/exceptional cases men have been able to breastfeed infants without taking hormones, and in some cases men can, for various reasons, induce lactation. It’s absolutely not S.O.P., but it is another case which shows that men and women are not so dissimilar as the average person believes.

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And, on men and nipples: Why do men have nipples? - The Straight Dope

Far from disproving evolution, nipples on a male PROVE it.
Provide the correct hormones (it’s done by a handful if diseases in men) and the nipples and more importantly, breasts produce milk.
So, a male CAN produce milk.
Disproving the anti-evolutionists.
Unless they want to say that Eve was a GUY…

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