Is there any Marine............

Movies where the story does not start in Boot camp , that we can assume that they have already been there done that.

Seriously , even Space Above and Beyond had the boot camp scene. The only movie that I can remember that did not have this was Aliens.


“Heartbreak Ridge” starts in training, but not in boot camp; the soldiers aren’t recruits, they’re just slackers.

It’s pretty much the same dramatic device, though. Marine movies do tend to always start with boot camp.

A Few Good Men
Rules of Engagement

Hell in the Pacific (1968), starring Lee Marvin as a U.S. Marine pilot trapped on a Pacific island with a Japanese naval officer in World War II.

The Thin Red Line (1964), the first movie version of James Jones’s novel about Marines in the Battle of Guadalcanal.

55 Days at Peking (1963), about the U.S. Marines’ defense of the foreign legation at Peking during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900.

Hell to Eternity (1960), starring Jeffrey Hunter as Guy Gabaldon, the Marine who single-handedly captured 800 enemy soldiers and civilians on Saipan in 1944.

In Love and War (1958), from the novel The Big War by Anton Myrer, follows three Marines from last visits to their families to a battle on a Pacific island.

Pride of the Marines (1945), starring John Garfield as Al Schmid, a Marine who was blinded by a grenade on Guadalcanal.

What about that new one that’s out, jarhead? That seems like it starts with Jake Gyllenahardtospell arriving in the Middle East.

The very beginning of Jarhead is Jake at bootcamp (the DI with a little mustache is yelling at “the recruit” for not being able to draw), then I think it cuts to training (this transition seems sort of weak, I doubt they’d train him to be a sniper at bootcamp), then he goes to the Middle East.


Hey… they’re Space Marines.

The Great Santini (or something like with Robert Duvall)

No marine movie could be complete without a boot camp scene. Its the crucial part of a soldiers life. Its where they break him down, destroy what he was, make him a soldier. Why would you want a movie without a scene like that?

But to answer the question at hand,
Black Hawk Down is a good one that meets your criteria.

Depends on how narrowly he’s defining “Marine Movie” since Black Hawk Down follows a group of Army Rangers, and not Marines.

LOL . cause I seen enough of them , I get it. But sometimes i get the idea its part of the marine package that the corps gives to film makers , we can give ya 72 hours of an MEU , you just have to add the boot camp scene, so we can enlist some more boots.

I am not sure BHD was a marine movie though , seemed more army.

As well, hate to nitpick , but some of the leathernecks might get a bit upset being called soldiers, almost as bad as some of the navial aviators being called pilots.


BHD was all Army. Not a Marine in sight.

Casualties of War does not start at boot camp… great Vietnam war film if you haven’t seen it…as usual, Sean Penn plays a great roll…

I guess when I saw “Marine Movie” I really just took it as a war movie. I retract my statement of calling you grunts jarheads