Is there any reason a single person can't be married?

Singles should be able to be married to “nobody” and be afforded the same benefits as married couples.

I say to you, quite frankly, that the time for discrimination against singles is over.

Could you please give us your definition of “marriage”?

Which benefits, specifically, are these singles being denied?

Well, their partners don’t get health insurance.

But seriously, when was the last time you saw Nobody in a doctor’s waiting room.

How about insurance benefits and discounts.

There are neighborhoods zoned for “family only” where the unmarried are not allowed.

Filing your taxes as married which may result in lower taxes depending on your situation.

So why can’t a single person be allowed these benefits? It’s Jim Crow all over again.

One can argue that the partner does get health insurance, and at half the cost of a family plan! Now that’s discrimination!


Yeah, but does it cover tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome?

I expect he is misconstruing “single family home” zoning regulations. Or (private) restrictive covenants, possibly.

All I’m suggesting is that there should be equal protection under the law. Anyone should be able to get married. Why should we live in a society that discriminates against singles? It’s wrong.

A single person has all the rights a married person does. Two single people can enjoy all the rights two married people do by marrying each other. It’s quite a neat arrangement.

It would help if you gave an example of this discrimination.

Insurance generally charge less for singles than for families.

Tax rates vary but most people feel married people, not singles, are the ones taking a hit.

I’ve never heard of any zoning regulations that prohibit singles.

After he got into a fight with Polyphemus

Where are these neighborhoods that won’t allow single people?

Ah! I get it now.

It’s like the discrimination that adults face every day of their lives. Minors get all kinds of sweet deals – they can commit heinous crimes and serve a fraction of the sentence that an adult would get. Plus, sometimes these crimes are sealed and don’t have to be revealed in background checks and stuff.

I want to be treated like a minor, but I’m discriminated against because of my age. It’s totally fascist! We should be more egalitarian, just like this message board. Every post here looks the same – black text on a gray background – no matter whether the post is brilliantly insightful or not worth the electrons that were killed to post it. That’s equality!

If we ignore the strawmen, I agree. If there’s actual discrimination against singles, we should fix that (and presumably already have: marital status is a protected federal class).

But those strawmen are pretty big: I know this is meant as a “gotcha” to people who support gay marriage, but the barriers and discrimination against gays are huge, numerous, and well-documented. You’re struggling to find a single real case where being single has a penalty that could be solved just by calling themself “married.”

You know, I’ve heard particularly dumb variations of the slippery slope argument against gay marriage, but this one might very well be the dumbest I have ever heard. Wow.

That took a while to sink in :smiley:

What discounts do married people get that singles do not get?

Zoned that way? I doubt it. cite?

I don’t think so. Thats why the phrase marriage penalty exists in the tax world but the single penalty does not. Unless you are saying that a single person should be able to file as if they are two people. In which case, I think that I am being discrimianted against vis a vis octomom for only being able to claim 2 dependents.

I don’t know if you’ve said anything that makes sense yet. The best gotchas to be had in this arena (AFAIMC) is in the arena of polygamy, but the social and legal mechanisms in place don’t translate as easily from a heterosexual married couple to a polygamous group as it does to a homosexual married couple.

Similar problems ensue if you want to marry your imaginary friend.

Erm… singles can get married. I was once single and I got married. Most married people I know were single once.

It was bad enough when people were comparing marrying another man to bestiality, now you are comapring it to marrying your imaginary friend.

Hey, DJ Motorbike, is this the reason for this thread, or not?
And could back up the claim about the “family only” neighborhoods?