Is there any reason that semen would be bad for my fish?


Is it okay to wish death on myself?

This deserves a cartoon: GodSka lying asleep in bed in the background, and in the foreground a fishbowl with the fishes gathered in a circle, and a caption: “Ok, Gladys, here’s the plan: First, we jump out of the bowl, and you get him hot…”

Brings a whole new meaning to the term “fishing rod”.

I can see two fishes watching tv when this comes on:

Here’s our Jingle for Coldjizz
Crunchy little Coldjizz
The wholesome snack that smiles back
until you bite their heads off!

See the fishes swimming…
Oh, look the mackrels winning.

GodSka was not sad that they are apart
Mangetout showed they’re baked and not fried

Did you know they’re made
with real spermies
Even though they look like wormies

The snack that smiles back… Coldjizz

Am I the only one worried that the guppies diet, combined with sunspot activity will cause them to mutate into massive creatures who threaten our very survival?

Or that GodSka will buy a parrot?

You see, this is the reason I read this board. Keep us posted on any mutations.

“Those are the prettiest angelfish I ever came across.”

Has this thread suggested a new euphemism for masturbation? Let’s see; wanking, spanking the monkey, tossing, beating off, feeding the fish.

Mum: Knock, knock “Stone? What are you doing in there?”

Me: “Nothing.”

Mum: “I hear you moving about. What are you doing?”

Me: “Oh, just feeding the fish.”

So…uh…I guess they swallow? :confused:

Make sure you drink lots of pineapple juice. Or you could get slapped with animal cruelty.

Where do you think this guy came from?"

Astro There’s no need to bring the Creature into this. His love was innocent and pure, the kind of crush a second grader has on a pretty teacher.

I’m also shocked that no one has provided a link to the relevant South Park episode.


You know “sleeping with the fishes” is a euphemism right?

There’s a Moby Dick joke here, I am just to tired to find it.

Go somewhere else. I have little tolerance for your stupid shit here. I hate to use such language in GQ, but I have little tolerance for someone that openly mocks our system of illumination. Be gone.

Or candiru. Definitely stand back if you raise candiru.

Semen itself has high concentrations of potassium, zinc, citric acid, fructose, phosphorylcholine, spermine, free amino acids, prostaglandins and enzymes, which nourish and protect the sperm…

Does any of that harm fishes?

I hope your aquarium can handle LARGE fish - where do you think sperm whales come from, anyway?


This was the first thing I thought of when I read this thread - talk about living dangerously!!!

What do you do when you go on holiday - do you leave a supply of readimeals for them in the freezer???

I got a Target flier this week in the Sunday paper. Apparently Senses of Humor are on sale for $5.99

According to people who would know such things, Peter North’s aquarium full of guppies died from one overfeeding. It really was quite sad.