Is There Any Rule Against Posting Private Messages

I don’t know, but it’s nice to see a little effort for a change. Most of the mods just scream “WHORE!” at me over and over again. :frowning:

You didn’t like the skywriting?

I didn’t really get it – it just said “WHOLE! WHOLE! WHOLE!” Whole what? :confused:

Good abuse needs a fuel… B84 has provided the fuel for abuse, for you I got nothing. What am I supposed to say? Your rocket feet marked up the carpet? Or maybe that I like Astroboy15 better… I got nothing.

Send him a PM and call him a scybalous whole.

That oughtta get his dander up.


That was funny.

Giraffe is getting dirty poems from mods? I’m jealous.

Count your blessings. The mods are about as poetic as a Vogon.

We don’t get paid to be poetic.

Hey! Wait! We don’t get paid at all. :eek:

Well, then, we know B84 isn’t getting the PMs, then, given the size of his much-publicized ignore list…

You mean you don’t get paid as much as Marley.

Oh - Hush my mouth. It slipped out Marley, honest.

(If it makes you feel better Miller only gets $10,000 a year after tax from Ed).

Usually, I get paid not to be poetic.

I’m actually pretty sure he hasn’t seen any of the replies to his question because of said Ignore list.