Is There Any Rule Against Posting Private Messages

Is there any rule against posting private messages and identifying their author?

I’ve never heard of such, and I seem to recall from prior discussions hereabouts that there’s no formal rule. It *is *assholish, though.

It would guarantee you never receive another PM.

That’s my recollection too.

My personal advice is that if the issue is someone posting a message you sent to them, you’re probably SOL (although as noted it’s not considered good form on their part). If people have been sending messages to you that are rude or harassing to an extent you can’t ignore them, contact the mods directly rather than drag it out onto the board. PMs should stay private unless both parties agree to wider discussion IMO.

Same here. Although if B84 really wants an abusive PM, I’m more than willing to oblige and I’d be more than willing to let him post it.

I suspect we need more information. If another poster sends you a PM flaming you, I can’t imagine anyone would have a problem with you posting it in the Pit and telling them to stuff it. If a poster PMs you to share information they didn’t want to post in a thread, you’d be a pretty humongous dick to then turn around and post it. If a mod or admin PMs you telling you they hate you, well, I’d probably wait for a response from one of them before posting it. (I get those all the time and so far no one’s given me the go-ahead to post any of them.)

Wasn’t me, I swear.

This has been brought up on a fairly regularly basis and (I am not a mod) I believe the official ruling has been that yes, you can post a PM, but it may be considered to be bad form by Dopers. People have posted PMs from mods with no consequences at all*

*Except in one case where a mod got all butthurt and huffy–no official consequences though. Most mods though, have dealt with it normally.

Screw that.

Mods shouldn’t be doing that. For me thats almost a guaranteed I’m gonna post it PM.

You wanna bitch me out have the guts to do it in public.

No if its some official sounding and official written “just the facts mam” here is where us officials think behavior X you are doing should be toned down/whatever thats something else.

Nasty PM from a mod or anybody else? No guarantee of privacy. You have all been warned.

We don’t.

Anyway, to confirm: there is no rule against posting private messages, but in most circumstances it’s considered rude or just plain dickish. So if you do it, you should expect that kind of response.

Well, thats good to hear.

I ain’t allowing some overextended principle of privacy to allow someone to be diskish to me in private. To me thats like using the confessional as an excuse to get away with telling N word jokes to somebody. Wanna to be nasty to me? Do it in public. There are places for that.

Don’t get me wrong. I am damn good at keeping juicy secrets and respecting privacy. But I sure ain’t gonna do it just so you can be nasty to me in private and then try to fall back on some high falutin principle to cover your behind.

I ain’t your priest, defense attorney or shrink.

This is probably the longest discussion we had on the matter. It’s a thread from 2009, and the consensus seemed to be that there is not formal obligation to keep PMs private, but that in general, reveal them is considered pretty poor form.

I should add, though, that there are circumstances where i would feel no compunction about revealing them. As i said in that thread, i’ve shared a few interesting discussions with people in PMs, and i keep those conversations private out of choice.

The reason i share with those people in PMs is that i trust them, as individuals. It has nothing to do with the word “Private Message,” nor with any rules allowing or disallowing the sharing of PMs. When i communicate in PMs with someone, it’s because we both feel that it’s a topic we don’t want or need to discuss publicly. And we don’t violate one another’s confidence because we both entered the conversation in good faith.


If some were to send off an abusive screed to me in a PM, based on an interaction here on the boards, i feel absolutely no obligation to protect that person’s privacy. It’s a completely different scenario from a conversation, and just because that person might want to SEND the message privately does not oblige me to KEEP it private.

FYI, I believe that if you have someone on Ignore, they cannot send you PMs, and neither you nor the sender receive any notification that the PM was not sent.

Also FYI, it is not possible to put mods on Ignore.


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