Is there any treatment for mercury poisoning?

I just read one of those articles in the paper this AM about how a tremendous percentage of us are poisoning ourselves with mercury by eating fish. I’d bet I’m one of them. So I went to Google and entered “treatment for mercury posioning” and came up with what looks like a lot of alternative therapies. No obvious scientific medical studies stuck out.

so my question is: If someone has mercury poisoning, is there any proven treatment for it? Thanks.

Yep. eMedicine speaks. Scroll wayyyyyy down. Brevity is not their strong suit. :smiley:
(leaving out the word “treatment” in your search string is what weeds out the woo. Have no idea why that should be.)

There’s a big difference between symptomatic mercury poisoning from significant absorption of mercury (which might call for treatment as described in the link above) and slightly elevated mercury levels (for which no treatment is called for, and is probably not very effective).

The amount of mercury you get from eating fish is not enough to cause medical problems in an adult (and I’m not sure the treatment would do much to lower these slightly elevated levels). If you’re not planning on being pregnant or breastfeeding, then don’t worry about it.

The only reason it’s an issue is that mercury is much more toxic to children and fetuses. But as far as I know, the only option is just to limit the amount of high-mercury fish (like Tuna and swordfish) that prospective mothers eat. And levels are such that limit means generally, ‘OK to eat scallops and bass once a week, but don’t live on tunafish every day’.

Thanks for links and info.