is there any way to buy a tape of a canceled tv show?

Heaven forgive me; I’m writing my second post about the TV show “Titans.” The show has been canned, but the last 3 episodes never aired here in Western Massachusetts (the last 2 may not have aired anywhere). Is there a way to get a copy of these (un-aired) episodes? I tried the local affiliated, but they just laughed. I e-mailed NBC, but they didn’t help either. Anyone have any ideas? Should I just stalk Aaron Spelling and ask him personally? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help.

I imagine that NBC owns the rights to those episodes of “Titans” and probably for a while. I suppose Aaron Spelling could buy the rights back and try to get somebody else to air them, but I doubt it.

Eventually, NBC’s rights to them will expire and then you can hope that someone makes a “Titans: The Lost Episodes” video compilation.

It could be that NBC is saving them for the summertime when there is nothing else to show.

The Museum of Television and Radio has an amazing library of shows. When you visit, you can scan their database and you have two hours to see anything you want from the catalog. The main branch is in New York City, so that’s not too bad a trip from Western Massachusetts. You could probably contact them in advance to see if they have the episodes you’re looking for (they might even have their database on the web). I don’t think you’d be able to get copies, but you’d at least have the chance to see them.

My supervisor at work and I tried to get some Miami Vice tapes. After a few phone calls, I wound up in the California part of NBC, where they held the tapes. apparently, for each episode, we would have to pay about $100 a day rental or $3000 buy and disclose exactly what we are using it for. And no VHS cassette either, we are getting a roll of film. We are not allowed to reproduce it to a VHS or DVD. Ouch!!