Is there any way to completely eradicate one's sexual attachment for women?

If the title of the thread is not understandable, What I am asking is whether there is a way about removing one’s feeling of wanting to have sex forever?

What medical operations should be execute? And/or is there any medicine that removes ENTIRELY one’s feelings for opposite sex (opposite sex being especially women here)

Thank you for your answers!

Let me save time here and suggest marriage.

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Serious answer there are drugs that dampen sexual feelings, if you don’t care about losing your secondary sexual characteristics you could tweak your hormones.

Even with castration you won’t eliminate sexual feelings or thoughts.

Chemical Castration is pretty effective.

That will only eradicate one’s sexual attachment for one woman. :smiley:

True I was answering this one:

[QUOTEWhat I am asking is whether there is a way about removing one’s feeling of wanting to have sex forever?



Considering the amount of our brain and behavior that nature devotes to procreation the chances of doing this without powerful drugs or surgery is slim.

Completely? Even if you removed the sexual component men are still wired to be emotionally attracted to women… so no.

Get Multiple Sclerosis.
Worked for me.

Well, I can tell you from experience. I am on opioid medication (morphine and the like) for chronic pain. I have been using the medication for years and will probably need to do so for the rest of my life. After about five years I started noticing all kinds of changes happening to me. I was gaining weight and had very little energy. The one symptom that concerned me the most was a total and complete lack of sexual desire. I’m talking if a NFL cheerleading squad had been naked in my bedroom wanting to have sex with me I would have had zero interest in their offer! It scared me, I had absolutely no clue what was happening to me.

A trip to the doctor unraveled the mystery. It seems that long term opioid use causes a male stop to stop producing testosterone. The solution was to put me on testosterone replacement therapy, injecting myself weekly with testosterone. My testosterone level is back to normal and I have the sex drive of a17 year old now. As a side bonus, I have lost weight and my muscle mass has increased.

So, to answer the question, it would be relatively easy to curb a male’s sexual attraction, castrate him. However, that might not be the answer you are looking for as this option kills his entire sex drive, not just his sex drive towards women. I an not gay or bi, but I would say that it would kill your desire towards any sex, not just toward women.

I am gay, and also developed very low testosterone, but it had no impact on my libido or my desire toward men.

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I wonder if these testosterone supplements are simply restoring your testosterone levels to your age-appropriate levels or if maybe you are receiving more through these injections than you would naturally had you never began the opiate therapy. If they simply brought your levels back to normal for your age, wouldnt you have the sex-drive of a 50-something yr old man? (I think this is your age, if I am mistaken please forgive me). How do they determine “normal” levels for someone who has stopped producing testosterone? Use general data for the average levels among the population? Maybe this “normal” is high for you. Or am I totally off-base here?

The thing is, testosterone controls much more than just your sex drive; it’s needed by the body in ways that have nothing to do with sexuality. So any definition of “normal” would have to include many other factors than simply measuring your libido.

From what I have listened n read texts from various saints, Believing that you are a separate, a higher entity(the soul, same as god) than your thoughts. if one just watches his\her thoughts without trying to suppress them or indulge in them, they will automatically vanish. This is called saaksi dhyaan(a form of meditation), ofcourse lots of practice n discipline will be required.

Date my ex-wife!:smack:

You seem to be saying that the sex drive of someone in their 50’s is less than that of a 17 year old. I assure you (at least in my case) that is simply not true. Several friends who are also in their 50’s also tell me that they are as horny as they have ever been.

In a way it might even be worse now because at 17, I was only looking at girls my age and up to say 25, but now I find myself looking at females who are in their 50’s, 40’s… to the upper teens.

This. I look at women in their 60s, too. It’s not worse than when I was younger, it’s better. The world is full of beautiful women.

I’m 66, and I look at men of ANY age.

You could try getting yourself into prison.
At least it would effectively have the same outcome you’re seeking.