Is there any way to get a nicer jaw?

I know the jaw is its own bone and that means it grows to as big as it’s going to get, but I know there are muscles that work the jaw. Can these muscles be worked on to make them more defined or toned, like the rest of one’s muscles?

I tried that for a few months by chewing gum 8+ hours a day. It definitely seemed to work in the short-term and I had a very defined jawline that I can even see in photos from that time now. Of course many people find gum chewing unattractive so there might be a cancelling out effect if it is purely for aesthetics.

A dental apparatus might change your bite and thus the set of your jaw. Do you have a strong overbite?

I wouldn’t say it’s a strong overbite, but it is an overbite.

Cosmetic surgery for a small jaw sometimes operates by actually changing the jaw. Breaking it in a sterile fashion under anesthesia, repairing it larger, like a house re-do. This may involve bone implants. Scary to think about and I don’t think you’re going that route, but it exists.

You could do whay I do and swallow funny. I tend to push against my lower teeth with my tongue when I swallow and I’ve actually had bone growth in my jaw as an adult. However, I’ve also wound up getting orthodontics to correct the subsequent dental problems this caused. Ironically, I used to have an overbite from pushing againt my upper teeth until my childhood orthodontist suggested I coudl fix it by changing my swallowing behavior so that I thrust against my lower teeth.