Is there any way to get rid of squirrels

My parents have a squirrel problem. The squirrels eat through the wires in their cars, get into the house and chew through things, etc.

What can be done to prevent them from destroying the property?

They don’t want to get a dog or a cat, which seems like the best solution.

They tried buying plastic owls and using them to scare the squirrels off. That didn’t work.

What other options are there? is there some kind of spray you can use the same way we have sprays for the perimeter of your house that keep insects out?

I know I’ve seen water sprinklers with a motion activator. Something runs through the sprinkler’s field of view and it gets spritzed. I’ve no clue how effective they are.

It sounds like a major solution is to eliminate holes and crevices that allow squirrels entry to the house/garage (of course that wouldn’t help if they have to park a car(s) in the driveway or on the street).

There are Havahart traps for live-trapping squirrels (cue nature lovers who insist that catch and release elsewhere harms the rats-with-bushy-tails ecology).

Or for pleasurable fun, built your own squirrel catapult.

It’s nigh on impossible to get rid of the little bastards. I’ve got them in my attic, and every time I think I’ve got all of their holes blocked off, they find a new way in. In fact, as I type this, I can hear one up there.

It doesn’t help that most of the trees around the house are walnut trees, so they’ve got plenty of food.

Sprinkle chili powder all over hell. Call Clark Pest Control. Dachshunds. Lots and lots of Dachshunds.

But that’s my answer for everything. :wink:

I had squirrel problems in my attic because they were sitting in the gutters and gnawing holes in the fascia board. I covered the fascia board with aluminum and put caps on the gutters including end-caps. I also trimmed my trees back so they didn’t have easy access to the roof.

If you trap them then you have to release them 10 miles away or they will return.

Rats with better outfits are still rats. Poison. Big ol’ greasy rat poison. Ain’t no use trying to trap them, they’ll keep coming.
My favorite fix is the weenie-dog fix, thx, Gato.

Ugh! I knew someone would come in and say poison. Do NOT use poison. Again, please…DO NOT USE POISON!

Poisoning rats and squirrels effectively poisons hawks, owls, crows, cats, and lots of other animals that eat other small animals. I work for a wildlife rescue. We mostly get in birds. Every year scores of sick and dying owls, corvids, raptors, other birds of prey and scavengers come in with poisoning symptoms. Most of them die.

It’s also illegal in many states. Once again: DO NOT USE POISON.

Oh, come on. Those people shouldn’t have to live with rodents/wildlife in their house. I am an animal lover, but I don’t want those pests
near my healthy pets and possibly exposing me or them to pest born illnesses and parasites. Not to mention damaging property. I paid a lot of money for my home and cars, no squirrel is gonna come and chew it up, on my watch. Just saying.
Cut the trees back. Plug all holes. Use repellents, if you can. Barring that, they gotta go, hook or crook.

Pellet gun. My parents had a big problem with squirrels, then they got a pellet gun, a pump-action 0.22 cal. I’m not sure if they offered bounties to anyone who nailed one off their deck, but it was common knowledge that if you wanted to see if you could get one, you were welcome to try your shot. No, I never shot one, but I can say they don’t have a problem with squirrels anymore.

Clarification question: Are you still advocating for use of poison?

Personally I despise the filthy things. They took over one of the attic spaces in my home and it was a horror show getting that cleaned out. I applaud our cat and dog when they provide us with a carcass. I would have no qualms about shooting them if it wasn’t for the possibility of ricochets doing collateral damage. But ISTM that squirrel-proofing the home/vehicles etc. to mitigate damage is the only solution, as I don’t know of any effective way of driving them out. To me, poison is NOT an option because I do value the local owls and bald eagles, along with dogs and cats which also end up poisoned.

Yes, I say poison in the attic is no different than any pest control for bugs, mice, or rats. I live in the woods and the wildlife would take over if we let down our guard. Deer and rabbits eating anything you plant, possums and coons in the barn eating everything from grain to fertilizer and ropes. Mice in the fields. Coyote trying to get in the automatic feeder in the dog kennel, or trying to eat the puppies. It’s me or them. I am sorry but I have a lot invested in this place, I will fight for it. I don’t care how cute the little buggers are.
ETA it’s still poisionous, but moth balls in the attic may help with squirrels.

It’s not ABOUT “the little buggers”, it’s about also killing whatever knows how to catch them.

heh do a thread search ….squirrels are the most hated creatures on the sdmb …… we have to keep the little so and sos outta the pumpkins………

I don’t care. If they invade my house or attic, their days are numbered. I will dispose of their little bodies properly. But, I am gonna kill them.

Fuck them, too. Goddamn owls come down and massacre scores of chickens just for sport. Coyotes are the spawn of Satan! Die! Die!

A Jack Russel also helps, and will also keep you young if you can keep up with it. A good air rifle works wonders, too. The modern ones will shoot over 1000/FPS, and I used to get exit wounds on the little sumbitches. Just make sure you have a good backstop.

Yes, cut off their noses.
No wait, that’s how to keep them from smelling. Never mind.

I have several of these and I can testify that they work great for deer and rabbits.

I have no problems with squirrels, but squirrels are crafty, and it wouldn’t surprise if they wouldn’t be bothered by this.

And they’re loud, too. I cut down a tree right outside my window because the little fuckers would sit in it and chitter.