Is there any way to repair vocal cord damage?

I’m not sure, but I believe my vocal cords may have some slight amount of damage due to singing incorrectly or past bouts of bronchitis or whatever. For example, even when singing with proper technique (with a voice instructor by my side), I can’t hold a steady note in the middle of my range without little cracks and pops in the tone. The voice instructor says that sometimes people take herbal remedies to help with this problem, but she doesn’t know if any of them are really scientifically proven. She also heard that some people try voice rest, in which you don’t speak (or as little as possible) for something like a week.

Are there any accepted treatments or therapies for this? Google doesn’t seem too helpful here, as none of these sources seems particularly trustworthy…

I would suggest a visit to an ENT physician for an inspection of the vocal cords. If there’s a node or somesuch, that’s something it would be very helpful to know about and get proper treatment for. The ENT could provide expert advice from a different perspective than a vocal instructor.

There are products to help get the most of your vocal cords. I did a little web research and felt that Entertainer’s Secret looked the most promising. I had to order it from a pharmacy, as no one in town stocked it. Sadly, I can’t report on its effectiveness as my problem is a bruised nerve to one of my vocal cords, which prevents that cord from working at all. There are other like products, however, and most music stores carry at least one brand.

Here’s a link to a thread on the Mudcat Cafe which lists several threads on that site about voice (scroll down to the first text message). I think you’ll find some of them have helpful information.