Is there anyone on this board who cannot name two Supreme Court cases?

Here’s a quiz:

Name two cases decided by the United States Supreme Court. No, not in this term. Ever. Any case. Over two centuries.

No cheating.

Marbury v. Madison
Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade and Brown vs. Topeka Board of Ed.

What do I win?

Brown v. Board of Education
Roe v. Wade
Marburry v. … dangit, I can’t remember.


Marbury v Madison
Nix v Hedden (my favorite SCotUS case… heh)

Just establishing how incredibly low this bar is, and how incredibly uninformed you have to be in order to fail this quiz.

Are you serious? I’ll even skip the most obvious.

Gideon v. Wainwright
Miranda v. State of Arizona

Plessy vs. Fergusen (sp?)

Loving vs. Virginia

I can probably come up with the gimmies:

Brown v Board of Education
Row v Wade
Lawrence v Texas
And the two I know from personal interest:
Planned Parenthood v Casey
Webster v Reproductive Health Services. (boo! hiss!)

Roe v. Wade
Gore v. Bush

[edit: I didn’t want to cheat by looking it up in advance, but afterward, I now see it was actually Bush v. Gore]

Mixing it up a bit…

Bowers v Hardwick
Korematsu v US

A couple more for fun…

US v Lopez
Buckley v Valeo

Marbury vs Madison
Brown vs Board of Education

I don’t know who the defendants were, but I’ll add Dred Scott v. ??, and Bakke v. ? (affirmative action).

The best case name ever: U.S. v. Nixon

Griswold v. Connecticut
Loving v. Virginia
Roe v. Wade

Mapp v Ohio
Gideon v Wainwright.

(we just discussed those in my polisci class)

Bush v. Gore

MANual Enterprises v. Day (I swear to Darwin I really knew this offhand; it legalized magazines with nude men):o.

I’m not even slightly ashamed about it though.

Just one more from me for extra fun…

Pennoyer v Neff