Is there anything "good" about a coma?

Does a coma help the body to regenerate? Obviously people do recover from comas, on occasion, did that state help them in any way? One might think that if the body were to decide to shut down permanentley, it would be a bit more direct. Some sort of healing stasis?

I ask because a good friend is in a coma right now, serious collision, car V. bicycle. I just want the SD, is he possibly getting better, or is this just a prolonged agony?

I’m sure an MD will be around shortly, but I do recall reading that they will induce a coma for certain reasons. So it can’t be ALL bad.

Well that didn’t help at all…

I don’t think there’s anything purposive about a coma, but your friend is alive and not suffering.

My dad was recently in a come for about 2 weeks after a blow to the head.

My cousin was in a coma for about 2 months after a car accident.

Both are doing fine now.

I was in a coma in 1995, car v. tree, and it kept me from hurting myself further. After 4 days they removed life-support to encourage my body to come out of the coma, either die or continue breathing. I had a closed-head injury and couldn’t walk but I would try and fall. I was restrained to keep from hurting myself. These details are all anecdotal, I was delusional for the first month after the accident and have no memory of it. I suspect that your buddy has had a brain injury also based on what I know about bicycle accidents. Your friend will need some help when he wakes up. I learned to walk and read and do math and watch TV and I am now a college student. I don’t do poorly for someone who is brain damaged. If you want advice, feel free to make a note of my e-mail and contact me.

Yes you’re right, they do. My brother was in an induced coma for several weeks after being hit by a car. He’s perfectly fine now, just a few scars. So if they induce comas, they can’t be all bad!