Is there anything like "Rick's Restorations" in Canada?

I’ve enjoyed “American Restorations” on TV, and I’m impressed with Rick’s skill and abilities in restoring old machinery. I’m wondering if there is an equivalent to Rick in Canada.

I have a beautiful, old, Gottlieb “Out of Sight” two-player pinball machine. As best as I can tell, it rolled off the line in about January of 1975. It is an EM (electro-mechanical) machine. Sadly, right now, it won’t reset. It keeps chunking the numbers around, and never finds its zero.

I’ve done a bit of work on it, but in addition to the above, the step-up units for the bonus scores won’t work properly, and I cannot fix the problem.

If anybody can point me in the direction of a Canadian “Rick’s Restoration” kind of guy. I’d appreciate it. It’s a fun game, and I miss playing it.

Here is a pinball restoration shop in Ontario:,_Pinball,_publishing,_mac_service/The_Pinball_Restoration_Process.html

I did a Google search on “Alberta pinball restoration.” The very first result (for me at least) was a shop that sells and services old pinball machines in Calgary.

FWIW, Rick would outsource that sort of thing to the local guy who fixes video games and pinball machines (like the place Fear_Itself linked to). Rick’s Restorations does bodywork and motors but involved electrical like pinball gets sent out.