Is there ANYTHING more satisfying than...

… a clean garage?? With the floor swept and the shelves tidied and the garden tools hung neatly on the wall… We could almost fit a CAR in there!! That is, if we didn’t have the trailer in there, and the motorcycle, and the grill, and the lawnmower…

Anyway, I had to go out there two or three times JUST TO LOOK!!

It won’t last, of course. In fact, the reason we cleaned it is to accomodate the in-laws’ stuff as they move from NC to FL in the coming months. I’m hoping part of the “stuff” they store here includes their hot tub. You know those things can’t just sit - they HAVE to be filled and used or they go bad…

Yeah, I know - exceedingly mundane and pointless. But my life is simple and my pleasures are few.

And my garage is clean! :smiley:

Congratulations! It’s a major accomplishment! I’m trying for a clean house but it seems to be just outside my grasp. I’m not giving up yet… any pointers on your success?

pointers?? hmmm…

Naturally, it was triggered by the impending visit by the in-laws - they’ll be here Friday. Then there’s my daughter who’s been very obliging lately - she must want something. Add to the mix daughter’s boyfriend - that kid will do anything to get points with us.

But most of all, I’ll have to credit my superior orginational and management skills, my inspirational leadership, my aggressive, non-nonsense demeanor, and a month of whining “We gotta get the garage cleaned up!!”

And on a slightly more serious side - I picked a starting point and went clockwise from there. Some stuff went into the attic, some into the basement, lots in the garbage, and the rest was put away. It did help to have 4 of us attack the mess (when hubby got home) and I rewarded one and all by taking us out to dinner… like I was gonna cook after that!!

did you take a picture?

A picture?? Excellent idea - it may never be this clean again!!!
So anyway, does no one else get warm fuzzies from a mundane chore getting done?? I can’t believe I’m that pathetic!!!

I’m here for ya, FCM!

I’ve been meaning to get my apartment clean for months. I finally got the motivation to clean it when I realized I had only 2 days before Nymysys was coming by for a visit.

Now that she’s gone and I’m alone in the apartment again, I can appreciate not having to walk over piles of laundry or push boxes out of the way to get to the bedroom. I love that there is no longer an unidentifyable odor emanating from the kitchen. When I have to get up in the middle of the night, I no longer have to use a flashlight to prevent grievous personal injury that may result from tripping or walking into something. Plus there’s clean sheets on the bed. I’d forgotten what that was like. And since I did all my laundry, when I want to change sheets again, there’s another set of clean sheets just waiting to be used. I don’t know what to do with all this cleanliness now.

The downside, of course, is that I no longer know where anything is, because it’s not all out there where I can see it, but I think I’ll adjust.

You are not that pathetic. I love the feeling I get when a big job, like cleaning the garage is done and everything is in it’s space.

Too bad it only lasts a short time!

But you’re making all us procrastinators look bad.

Ummmmm yeah, one of those mind blowing orgasms…something I haven’t had in months. :wink:

Ah but the clean house and clean garage is a good feeling.

well, I’ll admit orgasms are nice and all, but we’re talking clean garage here!!! Face it, ANYBODY can manage an orgasm, but as I walk thru my neighborhood, I don’t see to many clean garages…
Crunchy - isn’t it funny how company is often the impetus for cleaning?? With my inlaws coming tomorrow and my folks coming next week, I’ve got LOTS of tidying to do… fortunately, I have lots of closets to tidy things into…

JB - I’m not trying to make you look bad - I’m just gloating a little! :wink: