Is there anything out there better than Second Life yet?

I’ve always thought second life looked a bit rough and ready, and the graphics were a bit jerky.

While I try and get it again I thought I’d plop this thread out.

Is there anything similar/better out there?

Well there’s plenty of MMORPGs that probably have better quality, but they are all theme based games. Second Life is a more open ended world with the ends of creation and socialization instead of gaming. It seems to still be the bigggest and most popular virtual world out there. You might find some others here though. That said, some of the clunkiness might be more internet related than to do with the Second Life system itself.

If you have a PS3 I think Sony have something coming out called Home. Check this out:

Might be fun…


If you know Tad Williams SF series Otherland, they are making a game based on it, which if the book is anything to go by, will have very social and open-ended elements.