Is there anything that is sold (literally) door to door that is a good deal?

You know, I seem to recall he did, although I think there are quite a lot of wet fish scammers around, so maybe not the same guy.

I interviewed for a job as a Schwan’s driver a few years ago, and I was told then that cold-calling houses in the area of your deliveries was considered a big part of the job. Not necessarily door-to-door, but if you’re making a delivery to a house, it wouldn’t hurt you to knock on the neighbor’s door and find out if they’d be interested in the product.

This was 15 years ago, but the only problem I had with Schwan’s was their food was quite high in sodium. Good taste, ample portions, decent selection, but I could feel my BP rising after dinner.

Back in ye olden days, Girl Scout Cookies were sold door to door, and I’d say they were a pretty good deal.

Actually, no. My experience has been that Wal-Mart’s stocking policies are far more limited. For example, if Brand X gives the behemoth of Bentonville good prices across a range of products, Brand Y with a more limited range might not even be considered, even if objectively it has better products within its range.

Wal-Mart also has a long-standing reputation for squeezing its suppliers: you will sell at the price point their buyer selects, and if you can’t, you don’t sell to Wal-Mart, end of story.

Where I live now no-one can come to my door but at my previous place I used to love changing utilty providers. Every time I would get a free month of gas or electricity or a discount. The supreme stupidity was that, eventually, I ended up back with my original supplier and I was, for having dumped them, getting cheaper gas and electricty than all the people that had stayed loyal to them.

One of my neighbors recently approached the Schwans truck that had been parked in our community park for awhile to let him know that was against the bylaws. She quickly exited and called the police when he stepped out of the truck with his pants around his ankles and wanted to show her his meat selection.

Another vote for Girl Scout cookies.

Just wanted to let you know, I’ve nominated this post for a SDMB Award in the “Really Can’t Tell if It’s a Euphemism or Not” category.

Back when I thought Schwanz meant a female’s private parts, I had an attempt at a joke like “Yeah, Schwan’s is good, but everything they sell smells like fish”. Then I found out it means penis, and it fits this story quite well.

<Homer Simpson> Oh, Marge, grow up! <Homer Simpson> :smiley:

My daughter sold six cases just last fall.

While tasty, they are objectively a terrible deal, the most expensive cookie you could buy in boxes that aren’t from some hoity-toity artisan bakery. You are paying to support the Girl Scouts, at least in theory (in practice I am very skeptical as to how much of the money my daughter’s troop ever got back.)

The last time someone came to my door to peddle something (beside religious literature) was well over 10 years ago and it was young people wanting me to help them win a “contest” by ordering magazines from them. I didn’t buy any but the prices looked cheap and if you read that magazine anyway…

It has been years since I have seen the guy but we used to have a local meat market that had guys going door to door selling boxes of steaks. Excellent quality and excellent prices. The filet mignons were always 4 oz which is what I like and the porterhouse and other dinner steaks were 8 oz. It was just perfect.

:o I’m stuck with the sense of humor of an eleven-year-old boy.

Google the phrase “mag crew” sometime and read some of the stories of these kids…they’re generally lured away from home with promises of travel and money and then driven all over creation, treated like crap, packed into cheap hotel rooms, abused in all manner of ways, paid (or not paid) in shady ways, left behind in strange towns, and all sorts of other terrible things.

There is, of course, never a contest and they’ll never win a trip to Europe or a college scholarship or whatever else they claim.

The best thing you can probably do, if you don’t get a dangerous vibe from them, at least, is offer them a drink or something to eat and ask if they need to call their parents. With any luck they’ll manage to escape the lifestyle before something awful happens to them.

Wow, I figured the contest part was fake but didn’t realize getting door to door sales kids was that elaborate for such a low profit sales scheme.