Is there anywhere in Iran where alcoholic beverages are sold openly and legally, to non-Muslims?

Is there anywhere in all of Iran where a visitor (or an Iranian Christian or Jew) can get a drink, legally and openly?

Airports and resorts would count, but private places, restricted to the public, like an embassy, would not…

Just curious, after watching a PBS travel special on Iran.

ETA–I am sure that wealthy Iranians, so inclined, can probably buy booze on the black market—This is not what I am interested in.

Simply put no. Unlike say, Eygpt where there are small discrete shops for tourists, Coptic Christians etc. I don’t believe there is any non ‘black market’ way to get it in Iran sorry. At least I never found one when I visited (Some years ago though)

OK, then is Iran the only country in the world that no alcohol is legally, openly sold, under any circumstances?

I understand that in other fundamentalist Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia for example) alcohol is sold legally to visiting foreigners or even in some cases their own citizens who are not Muslim…

Paging Paul in Saudi. It’s my understanding that the Saudis turn a blind eye toward alcohol consumption by foreigners behind the walls of their compounds. AFAIK there’s legally no such thing as a Saudi citizen who isn’t a Muslim. Islam is the state religion and attemped conversion from Islam is punished with death. Saudi Arabia doesn’t have any “People of the Book” recognized minorities like Iran does (Iran has recognised Christian, Jewish, & Zorastrian minorities).

I’ve been to Bahrain and they had, at the time, one liquor store, which only foreigners were allowed to visit. If you ever went to it there would always be locals hanging around outside, and they would typically hand you some money and ask random foreigners to purchase this and that for them. Helping them out was considered the equivalent of holding a door and pretty much everyone seemed to do it, and it obviously wasn’t being done in secret.

It’s sad what Islam has done to Iran, it had a rich history of wine making prior to going crazy.

The show that I was watching, which triggered my OP (it was a Rick Steves’ program) highlighted a city called Shiraz, and I wondered to myself it that was where the grape/wine of the same name originally came from…

According to Wiki, it comes from France. (Cue Conehead jokes)

In 2006 I was with a group who went to Libya to see a total solar eclipse and the tour operators warned us not to pack even mouthwash with alcohol in it, as the very least that would happen is the stuff would be confiscated. The very most was not to be thought about.

So, yes, there is no open market for any alcoholic beverages in Libya. They do serve non-alcoholic “beer” which is absolutely god-awful. The only thing that could be said for it is that it probably won’t give you cholera.

The local tour guide told us everyone knew you could get alcohol by visiting the embassy for another African country, possibly Ethiopia? Not sure which. This was not officially sanctioned, but the practice existed. He also said that folks out in the hinterlands – and Libya has lots of hinterlands – would very commonly brew up various potent potables for themselves.